Can teenagers use Invisalign?

Can teenagers use Invisalign

Yes, avoid metal braces and straighten teeth with Invisalign Teen. Looking great starts with a great smile.

If you are considering straightening your teeth but would like to avoid metal braces, look no further. Invisalign Teen is a great way to conceal and straighten your teeth without your friends even noticing. Clear and able to pop in and out, Invisalign disappears during day-to-day use while easily removed for that quick cell pic with your friends!

Though discrete, Invisalign has many other benefits. Unlike metal braces aligners have no sharp brackets and wires that can irritate your gums, especially if you are active or play sports. Eating is also made easy with no meals being off limits or worries about food caught in braces. Lastly, cleaning is made simple with direct access to your teeth by simply popping out your aligners and brushing.

Invisalign Teen works the same way as Invisalign for adults and is made easy so you can track your progress. Each aligner has a hidden blue dot wear indicator designed to fade over a two-week period, letting you know when a new aligner tray needs to be used.

If you think Invisalign might be a good fit for you or you would like to learn more, talk to your parents about setting up a free consultation.

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