The Longevity of Invisalign Results: Maintenance and Touch-up Treatments

Invisalign clear aligners are a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. The customized, removable aligners help move the teeth to the desired position. It usually takes several months to see the results of the treatments. Unfortunately, teeth tend to return to their original position. It often happens in the initial months after completing treatment.


Invisalign Treatment Plan


Each treatment plan is unique, depending on the individual. The orthodontist will create a custom Invisalign treatment plan that involves a series of aligners. Patients wear a new set every week or two, depending on the plan. 

Each tray applies gradual pressure, gradually moving the teeth along the desired position. You wear the trays for 20 to 22 hours each day for the best results. You remove the aligners to eat and clean your teeth. On average, the treatment should last around 12 months. The duration will differ depending on the condition of your teeth. 


Longevity of Invisalign Results


The results of Invisalign treatment should be permanent. They should last a lifetime with proper maintenance and regular touch-ups when necessary. The Invisalign treatment does not end after your final tray or when you achieve your smile goals. Regardless of your option, you must wear retainers to keep your teeth from shifting back to their original position. Retainers help maintain the results for your lifetime. 


Schedule Regular Dental Visits

Scheduling regular dental visits is a vital part of maintaining your Invisalign results. Visit the orthodontist as often as necessary and wear retainers for as long as instructed. Remember, teeth tend to drift with age. The doctor will monitor the treatment results and may recommend touch-ups where necessary. 

Make some lifestyle changes to keep your teeth from shifting and protect your investment. Wearing retainers will help to stop the shift. If you get fixed retainers, schedule regular dental cleaning to prevent plaque buildup.


Reasons to Wear Retainers


Retainers are an essential part of Invisalign treatment. There are various reasons why you should wear retainers. They include:

  • To maintain dental gap correction

  • To preserve the alignment

  • To prevent teeth overcrowding

  • To protect against teeth grinding

The orthodontist may recommend wearing the retainers every night for life. Failing to wear the retainers can reverse the results of your Invisalign treatment. 


Maintenance - Choosing Retainers


There are various types of retainers in the market. Some are fixed while others are removable. Vivera® by Align Technology is the most popular retainer to wear after Invisalign treatment. The company behind Invisalign created a clear retainer to complement the treatment. 

The retainer is stronger and more durable than other products and can last up to 10 years. The removable retainers cover all the teeth, reducing the risk of the teeth shifting. Dentists bond fixed retainers to the teeth. It means you do not have to remember to wear them.

Wearing retainers is a lifelong practice. It will guarantee that your teeth do not move. How and when to wear the retainers will depend on your individual needs. The type of retainers you choose will determine how long they last.

For more on the longevity of Invisalign results, maintenance, and touch-up treatments, visit Align Dental at our office in Boston, Massachusetts. Call (617) 340-5300 to book an appointment today.

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