Straighten While You Sleep: How Invisalign's Removable Aligners Work Around the Clock

The American Academy of Clear Aligners recommends this type of teeth straightening system for people who want an alternative to traditional metal braces. These aligners are more comfortable to wear. You do not need to have monthly adjustments. Knowing how removable Invisalign® aligners work can help prepare you for your next appointment. Here are the details. 



How Invisalign Aligners Work


These clear aligners are removable and custom-fit. They can straighten mild to moderate dental alignment problems. Many patients like this system because it is less invasive than metal braces. They do not irritate or damage the soft tissues of the mouth. The aligners are resistant to wear as well. Proper care and maintenance can maintain the clearness and proper fit of your aligners.


There is no need to worry about metal brackets and wires. You can take off your Invisalign aligners when you eat or practice dental hygiene. Removing them while playing sports or attending special events is also possible. But make sure that you put them back on as soon as you can. 


You must wear these aligners for 20-22 hours every day. If you do need to remove them, place your Invisalign aligners in a hard case. This will prevent loss or damage. Getting a new set of aligners can delay your treatment and set you back even more. 


Expect mild pain while wearing your new clear aligners or each time you change them. The discomfort indicates that the aligners are forcing your teeth to their correct positions. Pressure from the aligners causes each target tooth to move even while you sleep. Keeping them on maintains the pressure. It also makes sure that your teeth straighten according to schedule. 


The number of aligners that you get will depend on your case. Your dentist will give you a schedule for changing your aligners. You must follow the schedule. Each aligner will move your teeth slowly until you achieve the smile that you want. Each visit to your dentist will allow you to get new Invisalign aligners. It will also give your dentist the chance to give your teeth a professional cleaning. Your dentist will assess the progress of your teeth. 



Treatment Period



You may get a treatment period different from the next patient. Your dentist will evaluate your teeth, gums, and jawbone first to see how the Invisalign aligners can straighten them. Wearing traditional braces often takes 18-24 months. Some patients may take longer. 


With Invisalign aligners, you may need to wear them for nine to 15 months. In some cases, the treatment may need one to two years. Minor cases will need 12 treatment steps. Moderate cases will need 32 steps in eight phases. 



What You Get From Invisalign Clear Aligners


You will have better dental health after your Invisalign treatment. Going through teeth straightening will not be a source of anxiety because the aligners are almost invisible. You have a higher level of confidence even when you wear them. Teens and adults like Invisalign clear aligners better than traditional braces. The system allows them to have a discreet dental alignment. 


Invisalign aligners work well while you are awake and asleep. At Align Dental, we help our patients achieve their smile goals on time. You can visit our clinic in Boston, Massachusetts, for an in-person consultation. Please call 617-340-5300 to set an appointment or ask about our Invisalign treatment packages. 

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